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mp3Come, O Spirit!
from Come, O Spirit!

mp3I Sought the Lord
from Come, O Spirit!

Come, O Spirit!
 Come, O Spirit!
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‘Come O Spirit!’ Anthology of Hymns, and Spiritual Songs Volume 1
For more than 30 years, pop music has suffered from a God complex—attaching a scarlet letter to artists who include the religious experience in their songs.
But a new generation of musicians from across the spiritual spectrum is emerging, discarding the trappings of the Christian-culture industry to reintroduce the transcendence, beauty and historical gravity of western sacred music to the places where it belongs: dinner parties, road trips and back porches.
Come O Spirit brings together artists like Dave Bazan, Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas, Denison Witmer, The Welcome Wagon (featuring Sufjan Stevens) and Leigh Nash to revive 400 years of long-forgotten melodies and liturgical music. The brainchild of producers Isaac Wardell and Mason Neely, Come O Spirit interprets hymnody through lush, cinematic arrangements and a drop of Southern gothic mystique. It’s like a prayer.
Released Sept. 8, together with the Smith family and Great Comfort Records.

Track List
1.  I Sought the Lord
2.  It Is Finished
3.  Come, O Spirit!
4.  Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
5.  Just A Closer Walk
6.  Open Thou Mine Eyes
7.  The Mourner's Prayer
8.  Hard Times
9.  Kyrie
10.  Be Still My Soul
11.  How Calm And Beautiful the Morn
12.  Lord, I Believe
13.  He Never Said A Mumblin' Word